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The diseases have various causes including faulty lifestyle choices, stress, anxiety environmental factors, and underlying health conditions can contribute to certain health problems such as improper digestion, lack of sleep, allergies, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer, and osteoporosis etc. It's important to identify the root cause of any health issue and take steps to manage or treat it, Ayurveda works at a deeper level and treat the problem at the root cause.

Ayurveda advises undergoing specific Pañcakarma according to season to purify the body, relax the mind, improves the digestion and metabolism. There has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for specialized therapies of Ayurveda, particularly Pañcakarma, not only for treatment of diseases but also for preventive & promotive health care. Pañcakarma has a full therapy role as promotive, preventive & curative procedure.


Pañcakarma presents a unique approach of Ayurveda with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body by eliminating the disease-causing toxins through the nearest possible route and also revitalizes the tissues. Such purification allows the biological system to return to homeostasis to rejuvenate rapidly so it is popularly known as rejuvenation therapy & also facilitates the desired pharmaco-therapeutic effects of medicines administered thereafter. Pañcakarma is not only good for alleviating the disease but is also a useful modality of treatment in preserving and promoting the perfect health.


Purva Karma
Pradhana Karma
Paschat Karma
  • Deepana

  • Pachana

  • Snehana

  • Swedana

  • Vamana

  • Virechana

  • Basti

  • Nasya

  • Rakta Mokshna

  • Samsarjana Krama

  • Rasayanadi Karma

  • Shamana

Benefits of panchakarma

"एवं विशुद्ध कोहस्य कायार् अभिवर्धते । व्याधयश्च उपशाम्यन्ति प्रकृतिश्च अनुवर्तते। बलं पुष्टिर् अपत्यं च वृषताचास्य जायते। जरां कृच्छ्रेण लभते चिरं जीवत्य अनामयः । तस्मात् संशोधनं काले युक्ति युक्तं sपिबेत् नरः ।


Increase in the digestive capacity


Increase in the vigour and vitality

Diminution in the severity of diseases


Delayed process of aging

Normalcy in all the components of body


Enjoys a healthy, disease-free life

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