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Abhyanga (massage therapy) is an important therapeutic method and is the most commonly used Pañcakarma therapy for both hearthy people and those with disease. Ayurvedic massage therapy is not just the simple application of oil and massage as it is understood by most people. It involves therapeutic considerations, such as Dosha (bio humors), Dhatu (tissues), Prakriti (constitution), and pharmacological considerations. The therapeutic efficacy of massage therapy depends on the appropriate selection of oil according to the disease, Prakriti, the skill of the therapist, the cooperation of the patient, and any restrictions that need to be followed by the patient during and after treatment.


  • It prevents and corrects ageing process

  • Overcome fatigue

  • Nourishment of the body

  • Promotes longevity

  • Useful to overcome sleeplessness and other mental ailments

  • It promotes sturdiness of an individual 

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